About me

I recently graduated with a B.E. degree in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, working with Qinliang Su. My research interests include generative models, energy-based models, and approximate inference.


  • Integrating Semantics and Neighborhood Information with Graph-Driven Generative Models for Document Retrieval
    Zijing Ou, Qinliang Su, Jianxin Yu, Bang Liu, Jingwen Wang, Jingwen Wang, Ruihui Zhao, Changyou Chen and Yefeng Zheng, ACL 2021. [pdf] [pytorch] [mindspore] [slides]
  • Unsupervised Hashing with Contrastive Information Bottleneck
    Zexuan Qiu, Qinliang Su, Zijing Ou, Jianxin Yu and Changyou Chen, IJCAI 2021. [pdf] [code] [slides]
  • Imperfect also Deserves Reward: Multi-Level and Sequential Reward Modeling for Better Dialog Management
    Zhengxu Hou, Bang Liu, Ruihui Zhao, Zijing Ou, Yafei Liu, Xi Chen and Yefeng Zheng, NAACL 2021. [pdf] [code]
  • Learning and Updating Node Embedding on Dynamic Heterogeneous Information Network
    Yuanzhen Xie, Zijing Ou, Liang Chen, Yang Liu, Kun Xu, Carl Yang and Zibin Zheng, WSDM 2021. [pdf]
  • Embedding Dynamic Attributed Networks by Modeling the Evolution Processes
    Zenan Xu, Zijing Ou, Qinliang Su, Jianxing Yu, Xiaojun Quan and ZhenKun Lin, COLING 2020. [pdf]
  • ISLF: Interest Shift and Latent Factors Combination Model for Session-based Recommendation
    Jing Song, Hong Shen, Zijing Ou, Junyi Zhang, Teng Xiao and Shangsong Liang, IJCAI 2019. [pdf]

Research Exeerience

Tencent AI Lab (2021.07 - present)

Tencent Jarvis Lab (2020.05 - 2021.06)

Sun Yat-sen University (2018.09 - 2021.06)

  • Research Assistant, School of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Work with: Qinliang Su


  • Reviewer: ACL-2022, IJCAI-2022, NAACL-2022, ICML-2022, NIPS-2022, ECMLPKDD-2022.