About me

I am a first-year PhD student at Imperial College London, advised by Yingzhen Li. These days I am interested in generative models, approximate inference, and explainable AI.

I was extremely fortunate to have many wonderful mentors in my undergraduate years. I started machine learning research with Qinliang Su at Sun Yat-sen University. I worked with Yefeng Zheng and Bang Liu as part of Tencent Jarvis Lab. I also had a wonderful research internship with Yatao Bian in Tencent AI Lab.


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  • Conference Reviewing: ICML-2023, IJCAI-2023, AISTAT-2023, NIPS-2022 (Top Reviewer), ICML-2022, ECML-2022, ACL-2022, IJCAI-2022, NAACL-2022.